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At Dogs-a-Jammin’, our priority has always been to create a comfortable and safe training space for your dog in our Woodinville open environment facility.

Love your dog, but not their behavior? Do you find it hard to control your dog with words, or maybe the only time they will listen is when a treat is involved? Do you want to challenge your well-trained dog to learn more than they already know? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Dogs-A-Trainin’ dog training in Woodinville may be what you and your family are looking for.


At Dogs-a-Jammin’, our priority has always been to create a comfortable and safe space for your dog in our Woodinville open environment facility.  We are pleased to announce that we now offer full or part time dog training to fit the needs of your dog and family.


At Dogs-a-Trainin’ dog training in Woodinville, we focus on building a strong relationship between you and your dog, weaning off food/treat based rewards, and using command words the dog understands and you feel comfortable using. These commands include sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, good, no, and many more. By the end of their stay we can provide voice control and a better understanding of our language so that the pup doesn’t rely on hand signals and does it the first time.


Behavioral Dog Training

Our Balanced Method Training is available to all breeds of dogs and behavioral types. We work closely with you and your pet for success in tackling even the toughest dog training issues with the goal of building a better relationship between you, your family and your dog. Your dog will learn all of the obedience commands appropriate for their skill level. During their time training in our open environment facility located in the Pacific Northwest, your dog will gain skills through communication and you will learn skills emphasizing a balanced relationship between you and your dog based on love, trust and respect.


What is a balanced method of training?

Our dog training program is a combination of over 25 years of experienced dog training, new dog training techniques and understanding dog behaviors. The individual dog training your pet receives is focused specifically on your dog with an individualized plan. We work hard to meet you and your dog’s training goals. Our goal is to create balance in you and your dog’s life!


Training Assessment based on Dog’s Issue

Our Dog Trainers will talk with each dog owner to discuss the behavioral problems or opportunities they are experiencing with their dog and describe the behavior they would like to see. Our Dog Trainers will try to mimic the behavior in different locations throughout Woodinville, putting your dog in real life situations and distractions so your dog has a solid understanding.


Complete Training Plan for your Dog

We will take everything we learn from your description of your dog’s issues and present with you a comprehensive training plan for your dog. This plan is not initially set in stone, it is important we work with you to clearly understand the issues you are having, and adjust based on your dog’s level of learning. For consistent results, we recommend our 15 Day Dog Boarding and Training program.


Dog Boarding with Training

If your dog is boarding with Dogs-a-Jammin’ Dog Boarding for two weeks or more, this would be a perfect opportunity to add on the extra dog training you’ve been looking for. Our open environment facility located in the heart of Woodinville is an ideal place for your dog to focus while you are away.


Dog Training Plan Details

Our dog training plan spans two weeks (15 days of dog training). Your first training day would ideally begin on a Tuesday in Woodinville. Call 425-788-WOOF (9663) to schedule your personalized 15 day board and train.

15 Day Campin’ – $30 per day for training in addition to daily boarding rates

During your dog’s two week stay with us they will receive daily training, social time (when appropriate), and will be taken on field trips so they are put in real world situations with added distraction such as trips to trails, pet stores and veterinary offices. This is a wonderful way to start building a balanced relationship between you and your dog.


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