Dog Grooming Woodinville

Dog Grooming Woodinville

Dogs-a-Jammin’ – Dogs-a-Groomin’ Basic and Caring Dog Grooming Services in Woodinville

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At Dogs-a-Jammin’ dog grooming services in Woodinville, we are proud to offer the most gentle and thorough dog grooming care.

Dogs-a-Jammin’ now offers dog grooming service in Woodinville. A clean, trimmed and groomed dog is a healthy, happy and great smelling dog! Our gentle care dog grooming services range from bathing to nail trimming, nail dremeling, ear cleaning, blowouts, de-matting and detangling services. We offer dog grooming services during your dog’s stay with us, so just let us know at the time of booking or drop off what your specific needs may be and we will take care of everything for you!

At Dogs-a-Jammin’ dog grooming services in Woodinville, we are proud to offer the most gentle and thorough dog grooming care from our friendly & caring Dog Wranglers.

Our Dog Grooming Services in Woodinville Include:


Dog Bath and Wash 

As part of grooming your dog, we recommend bathing every six weeks or more depending on allergies. Ear cleaning and blow outs are always included with our bathing services!

Dog Wash and Bath: $45 – $70 depending on coat and size of dog
Ear cleaning and Blow-out included with wash

Nail Grooming

For healthy paws, we recommend nail clipping every two to four weeks.

The benefits of nail trimming and dremeling are keeping the nails groomed so they do not get too long and break which can be very painful for your dog. When this happens, the nail will need to be pulled and infection can set in. Long nails can also cause an irregular gait, affect your dog’s structure and shoulders as well as your dog’s wrists and joints. This could potentially lead to neck pain, skeletal damage and arthritis. When your dog’s nails are short they can walk appropriately on slick surfaces where they are using their paw pads as opposed to their nails.

Nail Trim       $18
Dremel         $22


De-Matting Dog Grooming Service

We also offer de-matting and detangling services as needed. Price varies on severity of matts. Your dog will need to be seen for consultation. If we are unable to successfully remove matts we will highly recommend professional dog groomers in your area!

To schedule dog grooming services with your boarding or daycare reservation just simply add to your travel itinerary. If you have further questions about dog grooming services, please contact Dogs-a-Jammin’ at 425-788-WOOF (9663) or visit our contact page. Your dog and you will be happy you did when you see your clean and great smelling pup!


*Grooming does not include clipping or trimming. Dogs-a-Jammin’ Dog Wranglers are not certified stylists, but we are Brusher/Bath Certified.