Terri’s Tale & Referrals

Terri's Tale
Let me tell you why I love your dog: It’s in my blood. I grew up with 4 brothers, 2 sisters, 6 dogs, 4 horses and 3 cats. You could say my mother was Mrs. Doolittle and she passed it on to me. I left the corporate world in 1996 only knowing I wanted to work with animals. The January, 1997 Dog Fancy article “How to Turn Your Love of Dogs into a Career” gave me the push I needed. I still have the magazine. A day at the vet’s office told me that wasn’t going to be it. I saw a need for dog trainers and signed up for Nancy Baer’s dog training school in Snohomish. While taking her course, I became a dog walker to pay the bills. Dog walking turned into house/dog sitting which grew into taking groups of dogs to the off-leash park which evolved into boarding dogs. I completed the dog training course only to discover I was too busy to add dog training to my list of services.

When I attended the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Annual Educational Conference and Trade Show, I was in my element. I was surrounded by dog trainers, behaviorists, veterinarians, vet techs, shelter personnel and dog enthusiasts from around the world. I headed the Marymoor Dog Walkers Association for three years and received a Certificate of Appreciation by SODA (Serve Our Dog Area) Board of Directors in October 2005 for being a doggone good partner in organizing the Marymoor Dog Walkers Association. I continue to attend workshops and absorb all the books and articles I can on nutrition, dog training, behavior and how to rescue dogs. I rescue strays all the time. If I’m unable to reunite them with their families, I find them good homes or I keep them myself. I donate to SODA and many shelters around the Puget Sound Area. I donate free boarding to organizations for fundraisers.

Bottom line, you can rest easy while you’re away; we sleep with one ear on the pack at all times. If one of the dogs stirs in the middle of the night to do anything more than walk in circles before lying down again, we pay attention.

I’d like to pass along some resources I’ve enjoyed:

Great magazine:
Whole Dog Journal– A Monthly Guide to Natural Dog Care and Training

Pet Stores with excellent Natural foods and toys:
All The Best Pets – Redmond, 425-881-2232
Dooley’s Dog House – Kirkland, 425-889-2200
Earth Pet – Issaquah, 425-369-0208
Eastside Dog – Redmond Town Center, 425-497-9487
PetPros in Redmond,
Sam’s Cats & Dogs, Naturally – Monroe, 360-805-5060

Veterinarians both traditional & holistic:
Acupuncture (house/barn calls) – Dr. Richard Panzer,
Animal Healing Center – Dr. Larry Siegler, 425-885-5400
Brookfield Veterinary Hospital – Redmond, 425-895-8888
Eastside Veterinary Associates – Kirkland, 425-882-7788
Heavenly Spa – Water & Massage Therapy, Teri Sahm, Owner & Cassie Sawyer, Therapist, 425-222-7221
Loyal Companion Animal Care – Redmond Ridge, 425-868-7000
Mercy Vet – Dr. Jackie Obando, homeopathy, 425-232-7667
Redwood Animal Hospital – Redmond, 425-885-6666
Summit Vets – Dr. Sarah Gillings, oncologist, 253-983-1114

Emergency Clinics on Eastside:
Alpine Animal Hospital – 24-hour Emergency & Critical Care,
Issaquah, 425-392-8888
Animal Emergency Service East – 425-827-8727
Seattle Veterinarian Specialist – 425-823-9111 24-hour Emergency & Critical Care

Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning:
All the Best Pet Care – At any All the Best Pet Care location once a month. Call any of their locations to set up an appointment.

Pooper Scoopers:
Pooper Trooper – Residential & Commercial, 206-229-2379

Pet Insurance:
Pet Insurance Companies for Residents of Washington State

Best Buddy Dog Wash – Jeff & Debbie Zubar, 425-788-7700
The Personal Touch – Marta Rego, 425-806-4749

Fence Companies:
Invisible Fence – Debbie Burke, 206-255-6607
Northcreek Custom Fencing – Grant Seymour, 425-802-4339

Dog Loving Realtors:
Brenda Butler – Coldwell Banker, 425-241-1225

Belly Band Supplier:
Tina Stewart – 425-256-1531

Carpet Cleaner:
Revive Carpet Services – 425-747-5660

Causes I Love to Support:
Humane Society for Seattle/King County
Pasado’s Safe Haven
PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society)
Homeward Pet
SODA (Serve Our Dog Area at Marymoor Park)
Useless Bay Sanctuary

Dogs-a-Jammin’ Fosters for:
Humane Society for Seattle/King County
Useless Bay Sanctuary

Dogs-a-Jammin’ Is a Member of:
Outstanding Pet Care University (formerly American Boarding Kennel Association)
ADPT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers)
ASPCA (The American Society for the Cruelty of Animals)
SODA (Serve Our Dog Area at Marymoor Park)

Dogs-a-Jammin’ Participates in:
Walk for the Animals to raise money for The Humane Society for Seattle/King County.  Donations of canned dog food, dry food and empty prescription bottles are donated for the animals at The Humane Society for Seattle/King County. Feel free to bring dog food and/or empty prescription bottles to Dogs-a-Jammin’ and I’ll be sure it gets donated!

Dogs-a-Jammin’ Continuing Education:
Certificate of Completion in Studies in Professional Dog Walking
ABKA Conference, 2006
“Operating a Fun, Safe, Profitable Dog Daycare,” 2007
APDT Conference, 2007
Cesar Millan seminar “Unleash Your Instincts,” 2007
Certification of Completion, Pet Care Technician, 2009
Dr. Ian Dunbar seminar “Dog Behavior & Training,” 18 CEU, 2010
Certification of Completion, Advanced Pet Care Technician, 2010